Speech Therapy
Misty Wright, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist Therapist, 203 Thoroughbred Way, White House, TN 37188

Here are testimonials from a few past and current clients.  Other references and contact information for these parents is available upon request if you desire to speak with any of them.  They have given me permission to give out their contact information to potential new clients when it is requested.




"After years of nagging concerns about our daughter’s language development, two years of speech therapy and no collaborative observations, my husband and I consulted Misty Wright for a language evaluation.


From the beginning, Misty made communication easy.  She took time, listened well and asked for clarifications as needed.  By the conclusion of our first telephone conversation Misty was able to reflect a completely accurate understanding of our concerns.  I felt such a sense of relief. 


Misty proved to be dependable at every juncture.  She answered all my emails and phone calls promptly.   If she said she was going to follow up on something, she did so.  If it took more than a day or two, she kept us informed.


I really appreciated the research Misty did before making her recommendations.  She sought out testing that would be particularly sensitive to the areas of language in question.  She also had a thoughtfully organized plan of action for the results.


My husband and I thought her fees were very reasonable.  We chose to have the testing done in our home.  She was very professional but also approachable and sweet.   My daughter engaged with Misty easily and later confided to me that she enjoyed the experience.  Misty offered some provisional feedback immediately after the testing and had the final report ready and in our mailbox within a matter of days. 


Misty consistently demonstrated a strong understanding of speech and language pathology coupled with a willingness to access all the resources at her command.  When she determined that more specialized testing would be helpful, she didn’t hesitate to refer us to a nearby university.   With our permission, Misty spoke with the director of the program to discuss the referral in detail.   She shared valuable clinical information that kept us moving forward in our investigation, rather than having to start from scratch.  She also forged a relationship for us.  At the time of our intake, the pathologist was expecting us.  She had all the necessary information, making the transition to an academic setting almost seamless!  As an aside, the director made a point to seek us out to introduce herself and to inquire about our experience. .  . .just another perk to having Misty behind you.


In short, Misty has a combination of talents that made our experience with her exceptional. "


                        -   parent of a 10 year old evaluation client



"How wonderful, it’ going to be a baby girl!  My son will have a little sister, my husband, a little angel to spoil and I will have a shopping buddy.  It seemed ideal. What a beautiful baby, thick dark hair, cubby legs, and a bright twinkle in her eye with a smile as a constant fixture.  Her giggles were high pitched, came easily, very often and extremely contagious. Her first steps and words were a little later than average, no big deal.  Her words were still incoherent at three years old, I thought… not so unusual.  I mean, she was definitely talking we just couldn’t understand many words.  At four years old her speech was better, but still, not as clear as her peers.  She had a high pitched voice and the toddler sounding words.  “How cute”, “how adorable”,” I love to hear her talk”, friends and family would comment.  But, as often the case, mom saw a red flag.  Something just didn’t seem right.


By the time Alexa went into kindergarten it was clear her speech wasn’t as advanced as her friends.

It started to create a division with friendships.  Kindergarten age children want to be “big kids”.  They don’t want a playmate that’s incoherent and sounds like a baby.  The rejection began to carve sliver like paper cuts in her tender heart. This was the beginning of pain and feelings of isolation for Alexa.  The speech issue had officially affected her social development.  


I’ve heard it said that a mother is only as happy as her least happy child.  I believe that to be true. No matter how many blessings I have in life, my heart carries the deep and wide crack for my daughters’ struggle.   That crack began to mend when I found Misty.


After three years of the Public school offerings it became painfully clear it wasn’t the solution.  I began searching for a private speech therapist.  I feel extremely fortunate I found Misty.   I saw improvement in Alexa’s speech very quickly.  She looked forward to Misty’s visits and was more motivated.  Misty understands children and how to make speech productive yet interesting.  Her bedside manner is relaxed, easy and fun.  Her style fostered a trusting and respectful relationship with Alexa.  She is extremely competent and effective.  There is no one better.


If you had a conversation with Alexa today you would never know she had a speech issue.  She sounds as articulate, confident and sassy as any nine year old girl.   I thank Misty for that miracle."


                        -  parent of a 9 year old articulation client



"Mrs. Misty began seeing my son, Daniel, when he was 2 ½  years old.    She quickly built a positive rapport with Daniel.  He often requests to go to her house several times throughout the week.  As a mommy, that makes me feel great that he views his speech sessions as positive activities.  Mrs. Misty provides fun activities during speech sessions which are both engaging and purposeful.  Mrs. Misty is also very professional.  At the end of every session, she briefly reviews the session’s activities and explains Daniel’s successes with each individual activity.  She often gives me ideas and materials that I can use with him at home.  The repetition and consistency are essential to Daniel’s progress.  Mrs. Misty is genuine, caring, and truly has her clients best interests in mind."

                                 - parent of a 2 year old articulation client


"Misty seems to be genuinely interested in the well being of our family.  She is always polite and professional and she makes speech therapy enjoyable.  In just four months of weekly sessions complemented by a focused home treatment plan we have seen exponential growth in our son’s language.  We are thankful to have found such a knowledgeable and kind person to help our son."

                                     - parent of a 2 year old language client


"After searching the Internet for a private speech therapist for my daughter, I found Misty Wrights website. After looking over her site I had this feeling that I really needed to get in touch with her. So glad I did. She came to my home and met actually both of my children. For one hour a week she would come and meet one on one. My daughter was much more comfortable being in her own home and surroundings instead of being pulled out in school. With Misty's expertise she helped my daughter tremendously. If your child needs help with their speech, I would highly recommend Misty Wright."

                                       - parent of a 9 year old articulation client